East Palestine, OH Railway Accident Pollution Statement

Tuppers Plains-Chester Water District has been receiving calls with customers concerned about the train derailment in East Palestine, OH.  We understand your concerns.  This is a serious accident with many environmental consequences.  We have been tracking the pollution in the river and understand it is getting closer to our area.  We want our customers to understand that this event is not impacting the safety or quality of the water provided to the system.  The water being supplied to the water system is safe to use and consume and is the same quality always provided by our treatment plant.  TPCWD is fortunate that the system draws its water from six groundwater wells in Long Bottom, OH which means the water quality is not impacted by transient events that occur on the Ohio River.  The surface water systems that draw directly from the Ohio River will need to be concerned with this pollution, but fortunately TPCWD is a groundwater system.  We hope this helps you understand that your water is safe and the reason why. 

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