Lead Awareness

The US EPA released the revised lead and copper rule in 2021.  It requires all public water systems to create a service line inventory of both the utility owned and customer owned sides of the meter.  This must be complete by October of 2024.  We have looked at our records and specifications and know that we have no lead service lines, pigtails, or goosenecks in our system on the utility owned side.  We do not have any information on what the service line material is on the customer owned side of the meter. 

In order to comply with this rule, we are asking for your help in identifying your service line material where it enters your home.  Below is information that will aid you in finding your service line and identifying the material.  Also, we would like to know to the best of your knowledge the year your home was built and what material the plumbing is made of so we can determine if you fit the proper criteria for the lead and copper samples we take each year.

We ask that you please use the information on this page to locate your service line where it enters your home, determine the material it is made of using the information on this page, and complete the online survey using the button below so we can begin building this inventory.  This survey request and information will also be sent in your bill and via email if it has been provided to us.  We appreciate your assistance with completing this survey.

For a step by step guide to assist in locating and identifying the material of your service line visit this link.  https://www.epa.gov/ground-water-and-drinking-water/protect-your-tap-quick-check-lead-0

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If you would like more information on lead in drinking water please visit the US EPA website at the following link.  https://www.epa.gov/ground-water-and-drinking-water/basic-information-about-lead-drinking-water